We provide shelter, stability & safety to women recovering from drug or alcohol addiction


This fully furnished house provides a drug free safe haven for women when transitioning from the criminal justice system or dependence recovery to re-entering society. All residents are in a safe environment with stability so the focus for the residents would only be maintaining sobriety, looking for steady work and gaining their own independence. The home is a 3 bedroom 2 bath with shared bedroom and bathrooms. All residents are required to clean up after themselves and also will be given chores to keep the home nice and neat and free of clutter. 

What we Offer

Support meetings

We offer those in recovery from alcohol or drugs a supportive environment where they could go to assigned meetings, adhere to orders of the courts,return to school, re-enter the workplace and eventually become responsible members of the community. 

Other Advantages of Sober Living 

  • Affordable Rent
  • Free Utilities
  • Laundry Room
  • Public Transportation( near bus and train station ) 10 Minutes from downtown Dallas
  • Transportation Assistance ; bus & day passes when needed
  • Private Transportation 
  • Employment Assistance (creating resumes, submitting online applications,setting up email addresses for job notifications, transportation assistance to and from interviews and work when needed
  • Benefit assistance (SNAP benefits, Medicaid, Medicare )
  • Food assistance (Crossroads Distribution Partner) (Panera Breads end of day partnership) Olive Garden and Chipotle food donation partnership
  • Referrals to treatment centers ; HOMEWARD BOUND ; Recovery Windhaven House | Women's Sober Living ;  Greenhouse Treatment centers 
  • Referrals to many resources that will assist in transitioning like Homeward Bound & AAPA  for counselors, recovery coaches, group therapy, AA or NA classes
  • Referrals to Financial Assistance Programs
  • Weekly peer support group with all residents for update each other on their sobriety journey


Help after addiction treatment

Residents are free to come and go as necessary for work, business or leisure as long as they adhere to house rules.  If you are working, you are allowed to come in past curfew.

Residents must be committed to their own recovery and  participating in all programs is mandatory and crucial to the recovery process.  We like to serve those that has made their mind up by showing up for all classes,  meeting with judges and probation officers when scheduled,be actively looking for employment when possible and overall proving she is serious about her sobriety